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Delightful Data

This shouldn’t be surprising, but I love data. I love being able to look at data and see what it tells me about libraries, collections and more.

The last three months (well six) I have been surrounded by wonderful projects where I get to turn data into information that is useful for my library. Like using provincial and national data to answer questions about library ebooks and website usage.

Even today I was able to massage some results into lovely charts. There is nothing quite like taking a pile of cells in Excel and turning them into information that can be used to tell a story.

A story like the West Vancouver Memorial Library’s 2015 Onsite & Website Visitor Survey. We were able to get a snapshot of library user needs and usage.

But, I understand that dealing with data is not everyone’s cup of tea.

An actual teacup

Tips for Dealing with Surveys and Data

  1. Plan ahead for content: what do you want to learn? All questions should lead to this goal.
  2. Plan ahead for time needed: for the hours to write, revise, offer, analyse, report
  3. Test your survey: get someone not you to take the survey and
  4. Set goals for responses: but you will likely be surprised (in either direction)
  5. Analyse thoughtfully: Most times you will need an average or a simple “% of [population] said they found the [service] valuable”
  6. Charts are useful: they can distill a lot of information into a simple visual representation.
  7. Don’t forget that it is only a snapshot, a┬ámoment in time.

Some Helpful Resources: