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App Recommendation: Aviate

I love my Android phone. It is my second smartphone and I love the app selection, the add-ons, widgets, and having options to make it look the way I want it to.

A couple of days ago I started hearing about an android launcher by Yahoo!

Which, I hesitated over because, Yahoo!. But the temptation was strong and I installed it.

It was a good choice. The 3(.5) screens and the way that you interact with them is intuitive, interesting, and almost fun.It completely replaces your android home screen.

The centre “Home Screen” keeps you base screen, a(n unobscured) picture you choose, and if you swipe up you get to text or call your favourite contacts.

To the right you get to set-up app bundles (you can re-arrange the order, as well as adding and removing apps) for easy access. Topics include entertainment, productivity, social, news, games, sports…. While you can’t name the topic folders, they are flexible enough to show you all of the apps you want whenever you need them. To the right of that you get all of your apps in A-Z order (yay!).

To the left, is the learning screen you get your widgets here, news, weather, and “today” this uses technology magic to you when you are at home, at work, on the move, in an area with restaurants etc. and then serves you information and apps appropriate to your task and location. And to the left are settings and help.

It is a lot of fun, and a very useful way of organizing your phone.


(Try it!)