MLIS Classes

LIS 9001: Perspectives on Library and Information Science

  • An overview of the issues, perspectives and concerns of importance to information processionals and the discipline of library an information science. Essays exploring: the library as community space, net neutrailty, and DRM and fair dealing.

LIS 9002: Organization of Information

  • Basic principles of classification and descriptive cataloguing.

LIS 9003: Information Sources and Services

  • Introduction to refernce services.
  • Reference questions, reference interviews, evaluting customer service at a public library branch, and reviwing reference materials.

LIS 9004: Research Methods and Statistics

  • Introducution to the range of research methods, both quantitative and qualitative, used to investigate questions in library and information .
  • Evaluating research methods, developing surveys, interviwing, basic qualitative analysis.
  • Group assignment proposing the use of an annual user satisfaction survey for the London Public Library.

LIS 9005: Managing and Working in Information Organizations

  • Theory and practice in organizational design and culture, strategic planning, financial management, human resources, labour-management relations, policy and ethical challenges, leadership, and communication.
  • Essays exploring: technical resource management, leadership strategies, and community partnerships.
  • Group project on the strategic planning process.

LIS 9006: Online Searching

  • Evaluating web content, abstracting, federated search products, literature searches.

LIS 9152: Instructional Strategies for Information Professionals

  • Principles of designing, implementing and evaluating instructional programs to meet the instructional needs of information users.
  • Creating lesson plans, and writing reflective essays.
  • Group project proposing a 4 session program for a Seniors Health Inforamtion Literacy Program at a public library.

LIS 9350: An Introduction to Information Behaviour

  • Concepts, theories and models of information behaviour (IB), Introduction to a wide range of studies of IB. Explored research methods for studying IB and carried out a small-scale study.

LIS 9382: Reader’s Advisory Service in the Public Library

LIS 9505: Understanding Program Success: How to Plan and Evaluate Library Programs

  • Logic model for computer classes at a public library, application of the program readiness model for a community, critique of a program evaluation.
  • Final Project: designed a program evaluation for a staff technology competency program.

LIS 9701: Information Retrieval: Research and Practice

  • Introduction to the advanced principles and theory of information retrieval. In depth analysis of how search engines work and how to explore and use various forms of Web data and information. Introduction to new areas of information retrieval such as multimedia information retrieval.

LIS 9723: Web Design and Architecture

  • Principles of: information architecture, communications planning, navigation and searching systems, usability & accessibility, writing and editing for the web, how to learn new software, ethical, user-centered design. basic web design.
  • Exercises
  • Final Project: Ken’s Custom Carpentry

LIS 9724: Web Usability

  • Design, understand, and evaluate usability tests for websites.

LIS 9731: Database Management Systems

  • Data modelling and database structures and their application to information retrieval and processing. Analysis of data requirements and implementation of systems using a relational DBMS. Mounting a database on the Web. Programming or scripting for database applications.

LIS 9763: Social Software