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i love this photoSometimes you get lucky. You meet the right people, and every time you have a conversation, you come away feeling invigorated and inspired.

Today, after a day that felt a little long, I had a meeting with someone for a project. Traffic was awful, the characters in the book I’m listening to are awful, and finding parking was a bear, making me late. It wouldn’t be untrue to say that I was a little grumpy.

Then I sat down, said hello, and was laughing and relaxed in minutes. We talked shop, we talked non-shop, we covered what we needed to cover, and kept going. I’ve spent the time since planning alternate social media strategies, thinking about how to create champions for other projects that I am involved in, how to find and engage and, and –

Some people are like that rush you get after going to a conference – that feeling of community, like minds, and potential, like the sky is the limit. It is wonderful.

I am fortunate enough to have more than one of these people in my life, and I hope that you do as well. Not just for shop talk, but a person who inspires you to write, or paint, or travel. Someone who really listens and hears, who discusses things that you both are interested in an passionate about and it inspires.

Hopefully they are a friend, or someone you can talk to when you need a top up. They might have a mentor-like role, or perhaps are family. But I wish that everyone has, or finds someone like this for them.

And I also hope that I (someday soon) will be able to have the same effect on others that these fantastic people have had on me.

That is something to aspire to.