App Review: Podcast Addict

I am a bit late to this party on this, but podcasts are great.

There is just something  about short form audio shows that is pretty great. I started with the incredible show Serial, and nothing has been the same since.

What became obvious once I started finding more shows to listen to is that I needed a way to manage them and keep track of new episodes without having to think about it.

podcast addictEnter Podcast Addict.

One of my wonderful co-workers suggested this app to me

Some of the features:

  • Keeps track of all of your podcasts
  • Get updates to easily download new episodes
  • Discover new podcasts by category or popularity
  • Have files automaticly delete themselves after you are finished listening
  • Back up your subscriptions


It is a bit difficult to figure out where all of the important settings, so here are some tips on getting it configured:

  • Settings > Update: includes the option to automatically refresh your list of podcasts.
  • Settings > Network: set to only download files via Wi-Fi
  • Settings > Playlist:
    • Automatic Playlist: adds newly downloaded episodes to your playlist
    • Add newer episodes first
  • Settings > Automatic Cleanup > Once listened to: deletes episodes once listened to
  • Menu > “+” lets you find new podcasts by “Search engine” or “Discover”

There are tons more settings, but those above are the ones that have helped me so far.

link to the play store


Bonus: Sarah’s favourite podcasts:

  1. Invisibilia
  2. Stuff you missed in history class
  3. 99% Invisible
  4. Radiolab
  5. This American Life
  6. Serial