A New Job, A New Blog

Before I even left for library school I started blogging (link). I spoke about my classes, my extracurricular activities, where I went, who I visited with. My blog was my connection to friends and family back home, and I think others in the industry found some of my posts interesting as well. But that blog ended when my library school experience ended. While I meant to start blogging afterwards, there was a bit of a lag between finishing library school and becoming employed as a librarian. I was very lucky to return to my old position during that period, but it was a busy time, returning to work, recovering from library school, reconnecting with everyone, etc. Lots of excuses.

But now, I am ready to start blogging again!

My goals are to blog about once a week, chronicling my experiences as a digital access librarian, a library technology enthusiast, and someone interested in public service.  Over the next few weeks I have posts lined up about apps, mobile devices, writing reports, and training. I hope to be able to offer some tidbits of information for library staff that come across similar projects and topics as my own.