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Continuous Learning

I am all about professional development (which is a bit obvious, I’m sure), and I like to live my soapbox rantings.

In addition to workplace based professional development, such as webinars, workshops, conferences, and feeds/journals, there is also learning things by living them.

It is really hard to learn new technologies (Reader’s Advisory, Excel) if you aren’t using the skills you are being taught. But that doesn’t mean that learning can be avoided!

Next year I’ll be offering a “Getting Started with Instagram” session,but before I found out that, I had never used Instagram before!

So I created a learning plan.

Over my summer vacation my goal was to post one photo to instagram a day , follow 3 people, and practice the idiosyncratic tagging system.

my instagram landing page

It wasn’t a strenuous task, I do enjoy taking photos, and playing with social media is a lot of fun for me. But sometimes I do need to learn things that already 100% to my tastes.

What setting up learning goals for yourself consider:

  1. Do I need to be an expert?
  2. What will I be doing (teaching a class, running the library’s account, or gathering ideas for programming)?
  3. How do I learn (playing around, watching tutorials, reading instructions)?

Then set something up that works for you. Make sure to have goals, and an end point – when will you know that you are done?

In this case I am finished learning (for now) since I found a way to integrate Instagram into my social media workflow. I will likely dive in a little deeper when I get closer to my class.

Try creating a personal learning plan for yourself this fall!