Armed with a MLIS degree, a diploma in Library and Information Technology, 9 years of experience working in public libraries, I am passionate about technology, training, digital literacies, and change management.

Stationed on the North Shore of British Columbia, I am lucky enough to live in one beautiful West Coast city and work in another.

While an avid reader, I do not work on a public information desk (for the most part) instead I am working behind the scenes on staff training, digital content creation initiatives, and public programming. It isn’t what most might consider a librarian doing, but it is an amazing job that allows me to support my community in a dynamic (and digital) manner.

As a result, this blog will contain conversations on digital literacy, patron and staff training experiences, software, hardware, apps, and the occasional book review. Any opinions found here are my views and not the views of my employer.

Talk to me on twitter, linkedin, or by email at sarah at sarahfelkar dot com.