Reflection and Mindfullness

A lot has happened in the past couple of years. I’ve received two promotions, spoken at conferences, done some new things with my hair, played some tabletop RPGs, started leading my own game.

I’ve also spent a lot of time with family. On the phone, in person, through voice memos and lengthy emails. Some visits have been about fun – celebrating my nieces, great visits with my sisters. Some other visits have been tough. My mother is very ill, and the last two years have been a very slow, very tough, inevitable decline.

Beginning last September, I committed myself to working reflection, mindfulness and, in the midst of great change, building my emotional resilience.


This has (so far) taken a few different parts.

1)  Seeing a counsellor. This has been hard and work. But it is definitely helping, and I am grateful to be able to see a counsellor.

2) Taking up meditation. This is new and a little rocky.  I’ve been using the Headspace app at the recommendation of a few people, and it is really useful. Taking time to make meditation into a practice is difficult though.

3) Getting back into journaling. Taking my thoughts and writing them out (in pen even) has been good practice, and a help especially when I am feeling overwhelmed.

4)  Consuming thoughtful media. This has included books like Dan Harris’ 10% Happier, the podcast Queery, and other media that stretches my comfort levels, that makes me think.

I’ve also made time for myself. To take part in hobbies that I enjoy, to spend time with friends, to get out into nature. The forest and the ocean can bring a lot of peace.

Things get tough, things are tough, but working on yourself, even with small changes will help.