An Open Thank You Letter to a Computer Teacher

Dear Mr. Zimmer;

macplusYou won’t remember me, but about 22 years ago you taught me about computers and programming. This was in a small, windowless room in a small elementary school in Surrey.

During my time as your student we used HyperCard to tell stories and create puzzles, and Logo to create designs and animations. I remember being challenged, sometimes frustrated, and ultimately so happy when I was able to make something work.


I remember your kindness, enthusiasm, and dedication. Thinking back, I am amazed and appreciative of the effort it must have taken to get 20 plus 8 – 12 year olds using computers. Knowing that most of us would never seek computers as a living, you still persevered, and encouraged us to go further.

And when I speak to other people my age, I realise that having an early computer education as I did is pretty rare, which makes me appreciate what you did even more.

Now, two decades later, not as a teacher, but as a librarian, I am helping in my own small way to show young people the wonder of programming.

Through library programs, kits, and other activities, I am (and many others) working to help young people challenge the way they think, to solve problems, and maybe, just maybe, discover a love of technology and programming.

When I think about when my love of computers and problem-solving, I am able to think back to those days in your class, and I am grateful.

Thank you,


PS: Recently, I’ve also been able to set up some activities using Python with the logo Turtle.