On idealism and bravery

The 2015 BC Library Conference was beyond fantastic. Every session that I attended was amazing, and I am inspired in numerous ways. Two sessions I attended, and the panel that I sat on had a real impact on me.

These sessions really focused on reflective practice, sticking to our ideals and that living authentically is valuable. I want to contribute to honest discussions and becoming the best person, and therefore member of the library community.

So, here are three things that I am insecure about:

  1. Getting older. I am getting close to thirty, and while I know that I have accomplished much professionally, I haven’t met many of the “social” goals that many of my peers have. And I haven’t reconciled how I feel about that.
  2. Writing. I am very insecure about my writing skills. Which is troubling because I love to write (see: this blog), but I don’t write creatively as much as I once did.
  3. Not knowing myself well-enough. Something I try not to think about too much, which isn’t healthy. But I have surrounded myself with goals that education and career focused and haven’t reflected on the rest of me.

By writing these items out, I hope to find opportunities to work with them, and be a better me.

But, to balance it, here are 5 things about myself that I like:

  1. My own. I am an ebook expert. I also hold a lot of knowledge about the publishing industry.
  2. My love of instruction and sharing information helps me be effective in what I do.
  3. I believe in what the library community can accomplish, and that hasn’t diminished over time.
  4. I deeply value my library technician diploma, am happy about my MLIS, and those years of education and immersion in practice.
  5. My relationships with family, friends and colleagues help me out immensely.

I know what I do, but I need to better learn who I am.

Here’s to personal growth!