#CILDC Night Panel on Tech

2015-04-28 19.44.47

First a spin through ’80s technology. Lots of nostalgia. Amazing how little some things haven’t changed. But how much better library work is.

Sharing of favourite tools and technologies. More nostalgia.

Sharing of least favourite tools and technologies. Some disagreement.

Then the panel.

Meg B.  From Anchorage. About how we were promised jet packs. A disappointment in what we have achieved. Or possibly a disappointment in our culture.

Jason Griffey, entrepreneur. Disappointment in that libraries don’t create what we use. Moore’s law.

Jan Holmquist,  global librarian. When we talk about technology we should talk about how we got here by making mistakes. Local,  community efforts,  wisdom of the crowd. Tracking things,  and when we are online all the time we need to be offline. Have places to be quiet. We now create together and make things together.

Darlene Fitcher, government librarian. Interactive demo.