Dealing with Stress

Despite being tagged as one of the least stressful jobs, working in a library is not without stress. Often, long hours in customer service, worries about budgets, project management, people management, programs, collections, co-workers…. and then there are the stressors of our non-working lives.

We all have days where we feel worn down, stretched too far, and wondering what we are doing.

What can we do to be less stressed?

There are lots of tips about stress management available online, but I recommend “creative activities”. Carving, painting, pottery, knitting, baking, gardening, wood working, car restoration, creative writing, scrap-booking…


  1. Repetitive tasks are relaxing (and can act as anti-depressants)
  2. Activities where you complete a project are really great when you work in an area where you don’t always get a chance to see your finished product, or where your finished product isn’t something you can touch.

Anyway, try something new, something that where you create and become less stressed!