Share and Share Alike

One of the things I love about libraries and library workers is the sharing culture. We collect and curate content in order to share it with our communities. We share books between libraries, share our resources with people living outside of our communities when we can, and we’re really good at sharing our expertise and opinions.

Sometimes we are not so good at sharing resources we create for the public.

Luckily, the Alberta Library and the BC Libraries Coop are here to help us share.

This is a forum for sharing handouts, class outlines, videos, powerpoints, and other resources created by library staff for training and programs.

The potential of this resource¬† is great! You should use it. If you don’t train you should share it with someone who does.

I’m a little biased. I’ve uploaded as many outlines and handouts as I have been able to update, and I really want to mine this resource for new programming ideas.

It isn’t hard to add content, and it is fun! The interface is clean, and searching is easy.

Add to the Toolshed! We need your expertise.