I’d like to see your lists

 A version of this post is posted at the fantastic What are you reading? blog by the BCLA Reader’s Advisory Interest Group.

Many libraries in British Columbia now are using Bibliocommons – a fantastic catalogue overlay that allows staff and patrons to leave ratings, reviews and make lists of content.

If your library uses Bibliocommons and you are able to add custom widgets to your website (or have the ear of someone who can) using the following tools can add interactivity to your website, blog or something to offer partners.

First, go to: http:// [libraryname] .bibliocommons.com/info/integration/

You will then find a list of different widgets that are currently available to use.

My current favourite is the user list carousel. You can choose any list to feature.

[iframe src=”http://westvanlibrary.bibliocommons.com/list/list_browse/user/229483668″ height=”315″ width=”550″ frameBorder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]

How to create and embed a carousel:

1) Copy your javascript snippet into notepad from:
http:// [libraryname] .bibliocommons.com/info/integration/ *

2) Locate the Bibliocommons User List Carosuel iframe code and paste above your javascript snippet. **

3) Create or locate the list you want to feature.

Example: http://westvanlibrary.bibliocommons.com./list/show/142960292_sarahfelkar/229483668_great_fantasy_novels_with_female_protagonists

and locate the number that occurs before the list name. Paste that number into the code. ***

4) On the webpage that you would like to place the carousel go to editing mode and:

  • In Drupal: click on “Disable rich-text” below the WYSIWG editor and then paste in the code chunk.


  • With WordPress.org sites, you need to install the iFrame plugin for the list to appear. But you do not need the Javascript snippet.
  • With WordPress.com (free) site, you are unfortunately out of luck (for the moment).

5) Save and publish!

Some ideas on what to use:

  • Staff Picks
  • List created for an event or holiday
  • To share with a partner organization
    • Like books on the topic of a current exhibit
    • Best gardening books for the local garden club

I’d love to see your carousels in action! Link to your examples in the comments.