10 Favourite Media of 2013

There are a lot of lists about best books floating around, but as a technology librarian (and near-millennial) – I’m not limiting my stories to one format. Here are my top ten stories of this year.flower!

1. Boardwalk Empire

My new obsession. I want to read all of the books about prohibition and the suffrage movement. HBO is known for high production values, incredible casts, and great writing, and Boardwalk Empire doesn’t disappoint. If you love history, anti-heroes, and excellent costuming, try this show!

2. Welcome to Night Vale

If you like podcasts, good story-telling, and quasi-horror stories, you likely already know about Welcome to Night Vale, the fictional community radio show with a surreal twist. There are more than 40 30 minute episodes, all available for free (but you can support them if you enjoy the podcast!)

3. SyFy’s Television Line-up

Warehouse 13, Haven, and Eureka

These shows are all great for fans of fantasy and science fiction. All too often over the past few years, science fiction and fantasy shows have been dark and depressing. But not these shows, fun even when serious, they are great fun. Borrow them from the library!

4. Hockey, A People’s History

I actually read this in over the holidays last year, but it is a fantastic book. Huge in size (a bit of a coffee table tome), there are so many little archival details and wonderful anecdotes that you will end up reading every page, and learning about hockey’s place in our culture.

5. Secret Lives of Sports Fans

Another sport book made my list! I have a fondness of sociology, psychology, and cultural studies, and this book uses these lenses and more to explore the sports fan. Each chapter looks at a different aspect of the sports fan, and all are engaging.

6.  Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

A co-worker put this book into my hands and told me to read it. While this tactic doesn’t always work for me, but this time, I took the chance. Once I started readying I couldn’t stop. This is a coming of age tale of a college freshman who escapes into her rewarding fannish life to avoid the real-life difficulties of growing apart from family.

7. Blood of Tyrants by Naomi Novik

Intelligent Dragons during the Napolenonic War. This is the 8th book in the series which has spanned continents and explored the topics of equality, loyalty, and culture.

8. Matt Nathanson’s single “This Modern Love”

While this song was released last summer, this summer the music video for this upbeat song kept me smiling.

9. Elysium

I didn’t go to the movie theatre often this year, but I did get to see Elysium on the big screen. I am always looking for good science fiction, and Elysium is excellent science fiction. A vivid dystopic about reaching for the stars (or the”good live”), the fine details of this movie caught my attention. The world-building for this movie is fantastic. Watch it.

10.  Sleepy Hollow

Best new show on television. That is if you like well-rounded female characters who are self-assured, . Also, supernatural beasties, dudes that have been asleep for 200 years, and terrible, terrible mythology. Watch it for the great representation and Nicole Beharie.