Refreshing Special Collections: The Genre Kindle Project

Collection management is a key part of librarianship. It is something that libraries of all types spend a good bit of time working on. Our collections are our libraries.

And this is true for digital collections as well as physical ones – and for any combination collections.

In 2010 the West Vancouver Memorial Library started lending Kindle E-Readers loaded with 50 popular titles. Over the next two years, the Kindles continued to circulate, and ebooks were added to the collections twice to keep the collection fresh.

But, by 2013 with 100 fairly random titles, and little attention paid to them, all of our Kindles were sitting behind the desk not circulating.

It wasn’t desirable for us to weed the Kindles, so we needed a makeover.

One of my library crushes – Didsbury Public Library – had recently implemented Genre E-Readers. And I loved this idea! We have already have booklists, reading bags, and other ways of bundling content, changing our Kindles to be more focused collections fit our library goals.

After the usual round of proposals, discussions, meetings, approvals and creating new procedures, we embarked on our Kindle makeover. This meant that this past July we re-launched out Kindle collection.

In the end we went from 2 “flavours” of Kindles: Kids and Adults to:

  • Best Sellers
  • Staff Picks Fiction
  • Staff Picks Non-Fiction
  • Mystery and Suspense
  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Biography and Travel
  • Kids
  • Teens

The adult Kindles have 15 titles each, and the Kids & Teens Kindles have 50 titles each: Our Kindles

So far, all of the new Kindles have circulated a few times, and we’ll see how things go, I hope that this new configuration will better meet the interests of the community.

To me, this project was a lot of fun, and a perfect way to revisit a project that I helped launch.

Questions? Let me know!