Care & Feeding of a DAL, Part 1: Living Space

the living quarters of the DAL

One of the best parts of becoming (from the grand height of 6 months in) is that I have my very own workstation.

The picture above (which I took on a Saturday when no one else was around)  is my very awesome space.

Key points that have lead to success:

  • Proximity to key co-workers
  • Mobile workstation
  • Ability to stay organized
  • Storage for projects

To the left (the window) is the office of the Web Coordinator, which is great because we spend a lot of time talking through the window. To the right (out of the picture) is the desk where the Public Service Assistants of the Community Computing Centre spend their off desk time. Another awesome thing, as we have a lot of programming overlap. Also not pictured, my supervisor’s office is right behind my desk, and down the hall from her is the Systems Librarian and the Communications Coordinator.

So I am surrounded by great co-workers (which isn’t hard since all my co-workers are great), but am very close to all the people I need to work with on a regular basis.

On my desk I have a monitor, keyboard, and mouse connected to a laptop. The laptop is key, it is fully integrated to our library’s network and is fully functional when I am connected to our network, and when I am mobile I am also able to connected remotely to all of the services that I need.

I have two bulletin boards where my love of lists is able to be put on display. I also use the board to keep track of projects, strategic initiatives and what programs are coming up. All my print paperwork and documents are in the set of drawers you can see.

Just to the left of the drawers are my boxes of hardware. Currently this includes a bunch of Kindles that are being re-purposed, cables for putting our petting zoos on display, and other sundry bits of hardware for projects in progress. Look to hear more about them later.

Overall this is a great place to be set up to get my work done!